The new Future Suns album Virgo: NOW available on CD, digital download and streaming

On December 10th we released our new, fourth album Virgo, the second part of our ambitious Zodiac Trilogy!

Future Suns’ fourth album, Virgo, explores mankind through the prism of difference and duality.

Questioning why a human heart beats in juxtaposition with, and/or opposition to, another.

How the same forces of nature that convince one man to give up, might inspire another man to persevere.

Just as the confidently ominous album opener, ‘Crisis’, gives way to the fragile and desperate, ‘Ruby-Throated’.

A tale of terror turns to relief and triumph in the striking ‘Pleiades’, then segues to an adventure of exploration, ending with a satellitic goodbye kiss in ‘Saturnalia!’.

Stories told, and/or untold, Virgo is the sound of a galaxy expiring and, at this point, the sun is just too close…

You can buy/download/stream our new album on our Bandcamp-page, here below. For people from Europe who want to buy the physical CD, please send us a message (Contact menu or Facebook) so we can arrange shipping from The Netherlands instead of from the US, to save shipping costs.

Listen to Future Suns on Spotify: