AQUARIUS, our new, third album, including the singles Mastodon, Orangutan, Bird Bones and Terrrible, Terrible Things!

Aquarius is our first CD-release! You can order the CD ($ 12 excluding freight) or the digital album for $ 8 on Bandcamp.

If you’re from The Netherlands or any other country in Europe and want to buy our new CD, you can also send us an email:

ELECTRIC!, our second album, including the singles Fire At The Discotheque, Space Celebration, Evergreen/See Through Bird and Plutonian Girls!

Order the digital album for $ 8 now on Bandcamp!

The Blue One front

TURN YOU ON, the double debut album, including the hits Dark Energy, Five Bullets In My Gun, The Anti-Romantic, Space Suit, Dirty Sex, Killer Beat and Push Your Button!

Order the digital album now on Bandcamp ! You can order the double album for just $ 8 now!