The band

In 2014 we arrived on earth from our planet Acamar for the first time. We studied the earth and the people that live there and noticed that there’s one special thing that most people love: MUSIC! We followed some humans that were already making some cool music and took over their lives. In real earthly life they call themselves Simian Crease, Reyna and Scurio.

  • We continued studying music in all cool styles and forms and are now taking the music to another level as we also mixed our Acamarian influences to the beats.
  • Our first single Five Bullets In My Gun reached the top 10 of the IndieXL Indie Charts and also the 1st place of the UndergroundFM Indie Rock Charts.
  • After some hard work and several study-flights in our space ship we finally released our first ambitious digital debut double album Turn You On on May 15, 2015, which can be downloaded/streamed here: Turn You On double debut album.
  • On January 26, 2018 we released our cool, second digital album Electric! You can download/stream this album here: Electric!
  • On November 15, 2019 we released our third album Aquarius. For the first time not only digitally but also on CD as well!! You can buy the CD or download/stream the album here: New album Aquarius. Of course we’re very proud of this new step, already leading to some great album reviews like this one on the best Dutch online music magazine: Aquarius album review on Written In Music (Dutch).

We really hope you dig our music and want to follow us on this amazing and exciting musical ride. From Portland to Alkmaar, From Paris to Barcelona, From Sydney to London, from New York to Rome, from Jupiter to Mars, from Monaco to Madrid and back to Acamar again. Everyone is invited to join us. Please follow and Like us on FaceBook too:

Thank you so much!

Simian Crease, Reyna and Scurio (we didn’t change their names as you noticed:))